We started the Me Power Optimized Nutrition System on January 22, 2016 and both lost ten pounds the first three weeks. When we started, Ron weighed 220 pounds and I weighed 200 pounds. After two months of being on the system, Ron now weighs 202 pounds and I weigh 179 pounds. And we were able to achieve this without working out because we have such a busy schedule. We are excited to think of the possibilities when we do begin a workout routine.

What we are so impressed with is that it is now over six months since we lost the weight and we have  not gained the weight back because of the maintenance system. The Me Power system really works! It is a system we can use for the rest of our lives. It teaches you how to maintain healthy eating habits. If you follow it, you will see the results. And we are never hungry. We feel so much better now and are excited that we can do the three week detox and depletion at any time to lost more weight. 


Me Power Optimized Nutrition System is not about a diet plan or supplements. It is a mindset for life. It is about achieving the ultimate lifestyle though health and advanced nutrition.

Advancement in every aspect of your life and a commitment to a better YOU, with knowledge to bring that person into existence.  You have the desire to make a change now you have the tools to make it happen, what is stopping you? The answer is, “you”!   

Our Optimized Nutrition System is a weight loss, maintenance and lifestyle plan that works . It is an easy and innovative system that will show fast results, and you will have fun while losing weight. Make today the day you decide to start Optimizing Your Life! You will be amazed at how you are never hungry while dieting.