We want to empower you to make a life changing transformation,
 create a positive impact in your health and in the life of others.

 The Optimized Nutrition System by MePower gives you the opportunity 
to build a business & change lives. MePower is more than just a 
weight loss solution it is a lifestyle.




+  $99 Initial Sign Up Package
+ 1 Month Membership to PHIT Website
+ 3 Life Phorce
+ 3 Phuel
+ 2 Limitless
+ 3 Ignite
+ 1 Monthly website and Cloud Office
+ Social Media Marketing Package with branded marketing 
products and material
+ 3 Me Power Videos
+ 300 Fast Pay 
+ 300 VP
+ 1st month cloud office fee
+ Participate in Elite Advantage Plan
+ Free training system

What You Get

Commission Software

Our built in CRM will ensure your commissions are tracked and you get paid fairly.

Your Own Website

Get your own URL and website to send potential leads to so you can begin converting them into new customers with ease. 

Customer Service Center

If you're ever having trouble with anything, reach out to our live customer support service for troubleshooting.

Retail, Wholesale and Power Customer Stores

Have access to stores for Retail, Wholesale and Power Customers and see how each is performing.

Distribution Centers Throughout USA

Me Power has distribution centers throughout the USA to ensure fast and secure shipping.

Build Your Own Business Center

Access our informational videos to help you become a more successful ambassador.


Video Workouts

Every exercise in your plan in PHIT comes with a 
comprehensive how-to video.

Tailored Workouts

PHIT provides custom workouts tailored to your needs
and goals as an individual. 

Custom Meal Plan

Our platform gives you an easy to follow meal plan based on what you want to achieve.

3D Body Model

Get a live 3D model of the current state of your body and how it will change over time.

BMI Calculator

Make sure your body is at a healthy BMI by using PHIT's BMI calculator located in your cloud office.

Measure Progress

Keep track of your strength, diet, weight and fitness goals all in one place with PHIT's built-in trackers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What ingredients are in the Me Power Products?


At Me Power, we pride ourselves in using a majority of Natural Ingredients, everything from: chlorella, organic wheat grass, blueberries, sunflower seeds and more we use. To see a list of our ingredients, click here. 

Your satisfaction is our priority? 

Our focus is 100% on the satisfaction of anyone who tries Me Power products. 

How is Me Power different? 

Me Power is different from other Network Marketing opportunities in the sense that THERE IS NO COMMISSION CAP. Many companies allow you to make only so much which limits your earning potential.

At Me Power, you can re-enter into our program, build your network again and continue to make income way past a ‘cap’. With Me Power, the sky is the limit in terms of earning potential!

To learn more about how our compensation plan for our brand executives works, click here.

What is Network Marketing? 

By definition, Network Marketing is: a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level. Most network marketing programs also ask participants to recruit other sales representatives.

To learn more about how you get compensated as an brand executives in our program, click here. 

What are other people saying about Me Power? 

Whether it’s our brand executives or our customers, there are mainly only good things being said about Me Power. Check out our testimonials page here.