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At Me Power we value our customers and brand ambassadors opinion. We believe that when you share a personal experience that will help others get to know our company and products better. We are proud to have one of the best quality product lines on the market. Products that offer No Preservatives, Non-GMO, Organic Ingredients, Alkaline Properties, Superfood, Whole Food and much more. See what people have to say about our brand and how Me Power products have benefited them.


See what people like you are saying about Me Power!

We both lost 10lbs in the first three weeks!

"We started the Me Power Optimized Nutrition System on January 22nd, 2016 and both lost 10 pounds in the first three weeks. When we started, Ron weighed 220lbs and I weighed 200lbs. After two months of being on the system, Ron now weighs 202lbs and I weigh 179lbs. We were able to achieve this without working out because we have such a busy schedule. 

"We are excited to think of the possibilities when we do begin a workout routine. What we are so impressed with is that now over six months since we lost the weight, we have not gained it back because of the maintenance implemented within the Me Power system. It really works! It's a system we can use for the rest of our lives. It teaches you how to maintain healthy eating habits as well. If you follow it, you will see the results. And we are never hungry. We feel so much better now!"

- Ron and Katie Blackwell

I started the Optimized Nutrition System and strictly stayed on it!

"I set out to develop a detox, weight loss and nutrition plan designed around the Me Power products that actually works by hiring certified nutritionists and professional personal trainers. I did the detox phase three times in four months. I was also exercising by lifting weights and jogging. When I started the plan, I was 236lbs. After four months, I was 198lbs. Two years later, I am at the exact same weight. All I do is follow the maintenance phase of the Optimized Nutrition System and periodically do the detox phase if I want to shed a couple of pounds. It's easy and you see results fast. Because it has worked so well, I decided to add it to the Me Power line by combining some of our products that I was using when I first lost the weight. Using the Me Power products helped me curb hunger and gave my body the nutrients as well as protein it needed. This made me not feel sluggish and less alert while I was detoxing. I now have more energy and feel healthier."

- Sonny Martell

I tried many diet plans before and never achieved results until now

"I tried many diet plans before and found them very difficult to follow. I have been on the Optimized Nutrition System for 30 days and went down two sizes without being hungry. I feel so good, full of energy and happy. I really enjoy taking the products and absolutely love the flavors. It's an easy plan to follow and the best thing is that it's not just a diet. The Optimized Nutrition System is a lifestyle plan, giving you the power to go back and use the detox phase at any time. I love this plan and will never have to stop because it's a super healthy lifestyle!"

- Alexandra Lee

I was skeptical at first as I had already seen so many ads for weight loss

"I was skeptical at first as I had already seen so many ads for weight loss products but decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and lost 10lbs over 45 days which, by the way, I was never able to do before. To my surprise, staying on the recommended meal plan through PHIT was a lot easier than I expected and it quickly became part of my routine. Once past the initial detox phase, I was able to eat three cheat meals a week which makes the entire process more doable knowing that I had something to look forward to. I took the vitamins, green drinks as well as shake regularly and there is no doubt in my mind that they kept feeling hungry away. Me Power is not just a diet but a lifestyle change which means that keeping the weight off is easy as it gives you all the tools you need to achieve this."

- Eric Auger


"After a bad car accident, I was left with a back injury facing surgery and on lots of medication that was making me feel weak and sicker. I decided to let my back heal holistically and get off of my medications. My body was sore and starved from nutrition in this process. My go-to was the Me Power Super Phood Matrix. The taste is refreshing and the support it gave my body during the healing process was phenomenal. No more headaches or upset stomach from the medications. My body is getting real food so my hair, nails and everything was growing. My skin was glowing. Best of all, I feel healthy and I have energy again. So from now on, I will always have a supply of the Super Phood Matrix. I owe myself that much!"

- DM Hawkins

"Me Power vitamins and supplements are the best. I've been taking Life Phorce Multivitamin and Phuel Super Food Green Mix. I love both products and recommend Me Power vitamins to anyone that is seeking high quality products."

- Jerry Frank
"Me Power is a great company with really good products. The products are high quality. I was very impressed with their vision and culture."

- Sevonte McDonald
"Me Power is exactly what I needed. Great company with great products."

"I have joined the Me Power team since they opened in Las Vegas. Me Power is an amazing company and the products are high quality. I feel much better after my daily dose of Life Phorce Multivitamin. I highly recommend this company and its products."

- C Thomas
"I started the Me Power vitamins then about a month later someone just asked me last night "how is it that you stay so energetic?" I was THRILLED to share my Me Power experience with her. I have very long days and these supplements enable me to keep moving and getting things done. LOVE IT!!!!"

- A Lee